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    FunForSingles Singles Events!

    Do something exciting to meet someone exciting in the New Year! Kick off 2014 by establishing some new friendships, relationships, and great connections with other singles by having a great time at our wide variety of singles events!

  • Singles Scuba in Belize!


    Beautiful scenery, amazing scuba diving, and an adventurous group of singles! February 23 - March 1.

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    Join the Fun!

    Do Something FUN to Meet Someone FUN this year!

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Meet active, interesting, and outgoing quality singles through our wide variety of fun and exciting singles events this New Year! FunForSingles is the country's largest singles events, activities and adventures service. Make new friendships, establish new relationships and great connections with other single men and women while having fun!

Much different than a typical dating site, by enjoying our singles-focused variety of singles group events, our members develop new friendships, establish exciting relationships and make great connections simply by having fun. Everything from the Symphony to Skydiving - there are so many ways to have an enjoyable time meeting other singles. Get up, get out, and have a great time - you never know whom you'll meet! FunForSingles does something different. Through a wide array of local events and activities, FunForSingles brings single men and women together in a fun, safe and comfortable environment as a way to meet - naturally - just by having a great time at the singles events we arrange.

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FunForSingles members meet face to face in group settings in order to enjoy things they may not do otherwise. Since 2000, FunForSingles has provided thousands of fun things to do - interesting, and exciting events and adventures for singles of all ages! And because of that, thousands of new friendships and exciting relationships (and yes, marriages) have resulted. All of this simply by having a great time - it's fun for singles.

Without the pressure and impersonal nature of the dating services and online matchmaking sites, our members meet through professionally organized singles events and activities ranging from the simple after-work dinner and a movie, dance lessons, a hike, poker night, roller blading or biking... to amazing adventures like hot air ballooning, hang gliding, skydiving, cruises, skiing... and even trips to fun and exotic places around the world!

Being a member of FunForSingles far outweighs sitting in front of the computer hoping to "meet" someone by clicking on a picture. It's a lot more fun than online dating sites and matchmakers. FunForSingles members are actively enjoying local events and activities - and that's how they meet. Members never worry about being bored or going out with other couples or married friends as that "third wheel". Instead, FunForSingles members are Single adults who become very active enjoying a variety of interesting activities - all while meeting other quality, professional, local singles.

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No matter what your definition of adventure happens to be, we provide events that you will love! And when you are relaxed and having fun, it's so easy to enjoy the company of other quality, Single members. From wine tasting to windsurfing, from snowboarding to symphonies, from travel to the theater, from dancing to dining - FunForSingles members do it all! Better than the tired, old bar scene or hanging out with the same limited group of people that never seems to expand - FunForSingles provides a great way to meet other outgoing, fun, quality Single men and women! Whether you have always been single or you are newly single or divorced, FunForSingles is truly social networking for singles - live and in person while having a lot of fun.

Joining FunForSingles and using your membership is easy! Simply select the location closest to you on the right side of the page. Click the link to join, complete your membership form and payment, sign in and start signing up! It's that simple. Sign up and show up. Meet the other members at your events, and you're off to a great time. (If you don't see your city yet, don't worry. FunForSingles is the fastest growing singles events organization in the country offering many fun ways to meet singles, so we are sure to be in your location soon.) Join the fun today and don't miss another event or activity. Who knows what new friendship, relationship, or adventure awaits you. It's time to do something interesting to meet someone interesting... Do something fun to meet someone fun... Do something exciting to meet someone exciting today!